Mary McCormack | Senior-Kindergarten

Would you rather be a character from the movie Gone With The Wind or The Wizard of Oz?

Wizard of Oz - Glinda the Good Witch


What is something that EVERYONE looks silly doing?

Everyone looks silly sneezing!


What do you love about Forsyth?

As a Kindergarten teacher, I love that I get to see our kids grow from very young children to adolescents.  The kids, without question, are the best thing about Forsyth.

Posted by Mrs. Cory S. Smallwood on Friday February 16 at 11:58AM
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Jen Weber | Facilities Crew/After-School Crosswalk

What is your favorite childhood memory?

Family dinners. Grandma always made something great gooey butter or brownies for dessert and my Bobo (my grandfather) always made me laugh. I miss them!

Would you want to be a Hero or Villain?

Definitely hero. I think I do a pretty good job at crosswalk and would give my life for someone, for sure.

What do you love about Forsyth?

Oreo (the guinea pig), Arnold (the lizard…my photo substitute), my favorite cross walker Langston, great coworkers as well as some other cool kids and parents…you know who you are!



Posted by Mrs. Cory S. Smallwood on Friday February 16 at 11:58AM
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Donna Militello | Grade 1

If you could pass on any wisdom to your students, what would you share?

My hope is, because I’m learning from my mistakes, that I’ve passed on a lot of wisdom to my students!  One thing that I tell them to do, if they are treated with unkindness; First, be sure to stick up for yourself then… remember to forgive, forget and move on!  It does us no good to hold onto grudges.

In 40 years, for what will people be nostalgic?

It’s sad but I think people will be nostalgic for meaningful social interaction in the future. This is a heavy subject but I’m very concerned with the overwhelming amounts of phone time and the seemingly flippant social media interaction on which young people rely these days. I’m seeing the negative impact of social media on mental health, which is frightening. I think we need to do more to help kids understand the choices they are making and the possible effects of it... before they inevitably use it.

What do you love about Forsyth?

Ever since I arrived in St. Louis almost 30 years ago from New Zealand, Forsyth has always been my home away from home. I have lived over half my life in the rooms of these wonderful old houses and had the distinct pleasure of teaching and learning from literally hundreds of remarkable children, families and colleagues. My love for Forsyth is deeply personal. I’ve been fortunate to see it evolve through triumphs and challenges and I can say with conviction that our community has always had the children’s best interests at the very core. I try hard every day to make my little corner of Forsyth a special place for our kids and I’m so excited as we move forward together... forging an exceptional future.

Posted by Mrs. Cory S. Smallwood on Friday February 16 at 11:58AM
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Leanne Metzler | Assistant Director of Business Affairs

Leanne Metzler

Who was your favorite teacher as a child?

Hands down it was my 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Kulage. She was a kind and caring teacher who was very patient with her students. She was also a lot of fun and she made my learning experience wonderful. She reminds me very much of our fabulous Forsyth teacher Regina Stone...so that should give you a good idea what she was like ;-)

You just received a free plane ticket to anywhere, but you have to depart right now! Where would you go? 

New Zealand. The country is gorgeous and the people are the friendliest on earth. I would love to go back and do many of the adventurous things I did on my first visit 15 years ago like bungee jumping, white water rafting and such. It was my best trip ever and I’d welcome another trip back any time! 

What do you love about Forsyth?

I have always loved the sense of community at Forsyth. I consider this place my second home and the teachers and the students my extended family. I feel so fortunate to work in a place where I truly care about everyone there. You can’t always say that in the world outside our “Forsyth bubble.” 

Posted by Mrs. Cory S. Smallwood on Friday February 9 at 01:13PM
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Tim Burns | Interim Head of School

Tim BurnsWhat makes a "good day" at school?

A "good day" at school is one that allows me to have meaningful conversations with students.


As a child, what did you wish to become when you grew up?

As a child, I thought I wanted to be a priest when I grew up. Then I found girls!


What do you love about Forsyth?

About Forsyth, I love that we teach self-confidence through support and accepting challenges.


Posted by Mrs. Cory S. Smallwood on Friday February 9 at 01:13PM
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